Maroon 5 : What Lovers Do


Did Maroon 5 take a few pages out of Gwen Stefanis book? Their new song sounds like a masterfully made track for Gwen – only she’s not even a featured artist in it.

Maroon 5 continues to ride the R&B infused collab band wagon in their new single What Lovers Do featuring urban music rising star SZA. The new single follows last years Don’t Wanna Know featuring Kendrick Lamar and the Future assisted Cold from February this year.

What Lovers Do is a funky, boppy, electro-pop tune which would’ve probably done much better during the peak of Summer festival season. Nonetheless, its still a nice and flirty little tune to bop along to and perhaps the catchiest track the hitmakers have dropped since the infectious Sugar. #checkitout

Are we too grown for games? / Are we too grown to play around? / Young enough to chase / But old enough to know better / Are we too grown for changin’? / Are we too grown to mess around? / Oh and I can’t wait forever baby / Both of us should know better

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