Kylie Minogue : Dancing


Australia’s Kylie Minogue spent most of her time writing and recording her upcoming album Golden in country music capital, Nashville. The album’s lead single Dancing gives us a taste of what’s to come from the singing budgie’s new musical direction.

While Dancing remains a Kylie song to the core, the lead single sees a sonic departure for Ms. Minogueas her usual big dance/pop production is replaced with feel-good picked acoustic guitar line arrangements strumming over subdued glossy synths designed to fit right in the current country-pop crossover trend spreading across the charts.

You just know from the first listen this one will be an absolute slow burner, but after a while, the melodies and the song’s reflective narrative eventually finds its place and kind of grows on you. After a few days and more than a few listens, I now find myself enjoying the finger-snapping, hand-clapping vibe in my Morning playlist. #checkitout

This is where I wanna be with you / Your arms wrapped around me / And fireworks reflecting in your eyes / This is how I wanna feel / The wine, the kiss, the music reeling / Getting down, riding all the highs

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