Little Mix : Break Up Song

Get ready to grab the nearest crimper! The girls of Little Mix have hopped on the current wave of 80’s power Pop songs that Dua Lipa and The Weeknd have both ridden to the top of the charts.

One can always count on Little Mix for some of today’s best Pop hooks and break-up anthems. Their new single Break Up Song is no different. This thumping jam is all about those nights you’ve called a friend or two and gone out to let your hair down and painted the dancefloor red with your post break up/heartbreak moves.

Although the idea of dancing in the middle of a crowded dance floor is but a memory for the whole world right now, this new song is bound to make you dance at home like you’re the only girl or boy in the world.

I don’t wanna turn back time / ‘Cause what’s another lonely night? / I know under these lights, I’m good without you… / For all those tears that I cried / I sing it louder tonight / Let it play on, and on, and runnin’ on and on

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