Kylie Minogue : Magic

Do you believe in magic? I believe in magic.”

Love, love, lovin’ Kylie Minogue’s second single off of her upcoming album DISCO. The Aussie singing budgie is back in her disco-infused pop lane and she is thriving.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs, but sometimes, life also throws us incredible moments, beautiful surprises, and feelings we can’t quite describe.Β MagicΒ is a feel-good pop confection about all of these wondrous gifts life gives us when we least expect it. To be more specific, this song is all about that instant connection and sparks you get with someone during a night out – which let’s face it, does not always happen. But when it does, it truly is a magical whirlwind.Β Enjoy!

I feel like anything could happen / The stars look different tonight / They’re glowin’ all around me / It’s flowin’ through my body / I can feel it, I can feel it / Don’t know if I’m awake or dreamin’ / There must be somethin’ in the air / The time is disappearin’ / This moment’s never leavin’ / I can feel it, I can feel it

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