Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber : Monster

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber have collaborated on a new song Monster which is lifted off of Wonder – the former’s upcoming album and documentary of the same name due 4th of December.

I feel like this collaboration is a long time coming. It is definitely something a lot of fans have been thinking and hoping for.

Wonder is personal song about life in the spotlight; the admirations, the peaks, valleys and pitfalls. Having grown-up in the in front of the whole world under constant scrutiny, this subject matter is something these two boys know a thing or a million about.

While this is nowhere near some of their best works, it remains a good little insight into the price they have both paid (and continue to struggle with) for fame.

You put me on a pedestal and tell me I’m the best / Raise me up into the sky until I’m short of breath / Fill me up with confidence, I say what’s in my chest / Spill my words and tear me down until there’s nothing left / Rearrange the pieces just to fit me with the rest

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