Shawn Mendes : In Wonder

Shawn Mendes has never actually been shy in wearing his heart on his sleeves or going skin-deep with his music and lyrics, but the Canadian artist has found another media form to become his creative outlet – Netflix.

In Wonder is a documentary exclusive to Netflix which chronicles Mendes’ evolution in more ways than one.

Fans are given an insight into the artist’s religious dedication to his craft, his spiritual growth over the years (manifestation, anyone?), the level of appreciation he has for his fans, his sweet, sweet, oh-so-sweet affections towards Camilla Cabello (Did anyone else know that every love song he has written was about her?! Nope? Me neither) and the love for his family and friends who have supported him throughout the years and remain to be his absolute backbone.

Perhaps the most poignant moments in this documentary are those ones where the viewer watches an artist who has amassed great fortune and fame just barely coping with loneliness, isolation and anxiety. Moments where viewers are reminded that famous people are also humans with the same emotional and psychological needs as everyone else on this planet.

I have liked Mendes as a musician since his self-titled third album and I still remember how much fun I had during his performance at the Sziget Festival one magical afternoon in Budapest, Hungary. But after watching this documentary, I have a whole different level of appreciation and respect for the human being that is Shawn Mendes.

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