Mariah Carey featuring Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson : Oh Santa!

Christmas season really is here! Why? Because THE Queen of Christmas has switched things up into high-gear, dahlings! Ever heard two voices harmonise while hitting whistle notes? Yep, me neither…until now.

After ending last decade and entering the 20’s in the #1 position with her 25 year old classic All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey has switched things up another level this holiday season with an Apple TV Christmas Special AND a collaboration with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson. POW!

Mariah has decided to revamp Oh Santa! which was originally part of her second Christmas album Merry Christmas II You from 2010.

This song is festive as F – It’s fun, it’s silly, boppy and cheerful, which is just what the world needs right now after the year we have all had. Enjoy! #download

They say it’s unrealistic / But I believe in you, Saint Nick / So grant this wish for me right quick/ Santa won’t you come and make him mine this Christmas night?

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