Selena Gomez : De Una Vez

Following in the footsteps of her recent personal and musical growth, Selena Gomez releases her first solo Spanish single since 2010’s Un Año Sin Lluvia.

De Una Vez (At Once) follows the common themes of healing and recovering from an emotionally draining relationship, finding reassurance through self-worth and peace from liberating ones heart of the pain that the past has caused is what Señorita Gomez is all about here. Me gusta! Pero por favor mas pasion y picante next time please.

No tengo a ti ​/ I don’t have you
Me tengo a mi ​/ I have myself
No es para que pienses que esto pa’ ti (nah) ​/ This is not for you to think it’s about you 
Yo me fui para que no se te olvide ​/ I left so you don’t forget
De una muerte como tu se revive​ / That from a death like you(r love), one can be reborn

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