Sugarland featuring Taylor Swift : Babe

I’m not quite sure if it’s because I use the word “Babe” so many times (every day) or if it’s because I’m just feeling nostalgic over hearing that distinct Taylor Swift country-pop sound, but I am really liking Sugarland’s latest offering.

Lana Del Rey : Love

If you’re an old schooler it’s the first letter or phone call, if you’re part of today’s globalised youth then it’s the first FB/Instagram/Text/Snapchat message from your sweetheart. Then comes the first date, first kiss, then the oh-so-sweet I love you’s under the summer sky as the breeze whispers promises. Ugh! teenage Heaven is bliss as F….

Ellie Goulding : Army

Ellie Goulding just keeps giving out the love and releasing new songs ahead of her new album’s release and we are absolutely loving most of what we’re hearing from the Love Me Like You Do songstress. Goulding’s official second Delirium era single is Army – What begins as a soft guitar-pop serenade, turns into an anthemic proclamation of unconditional love by the…