Miley Cyrus Covers W Magazine

As the English would say…. Miley Cyrus is looking Fit, yes with a capital F. Check out Miley’s latest sexual display in W Magazine’s latest issue. That body – Dayuuuummmmm! #sheworksout

Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs

Princess of controversy and pop songstress, Miley Cyrus fronts Marc Jacobs’ latest campaign. Its eery and its moody with a touch of Miley… applause for great marketing and publity.

Cher Covers Miley Cyrus

Before there was Kylie, before Britney hit it big time, before Lady Gaga was born… there was Cher. Cher releases the lyric video for “I Hope You Find It” the second single off her new album “Closer To The Truth”, her first in 12 years. Core fans and Oxford Street, Sydney #REJOICE, not only is…