Luke Combs : Forever After All

Ever heard a song and thought the following? “Damn! This is one hell of a country song” “This is a song I would have love to write” “This is going straight into my wedding playlist” “When?! When is someone going to write and sing a song like this one for me?😭” Forever After All by…

Carrie Underwood : The Champion featuring Ludacris

Just incase you haven’t heard it yet…Country music darling, Carrie Underwood has gone Pop in her latest single, not just country pop, like full on pop (with the exception on her signature twang).

Bianca : Step It Up

English singer – songwriter, Bianca releases her impressive debut single “Step It Up“ and its gone straight to Life Under A Lucky Star’s Spring Playlist. Inspired by the 80’s disco era “Step It Up” gets you bopping and singing along right from the get go as Bianca’s impressive tone commands over the tracks bright and infectious beats….

Prayer In C : Lilly Wood & The Prick (Robyn Schulz Remix)

Spring is upon us in Australia… so Life Under A Lucky Star HQ have slowly but surely been preparing and updating our playlists. One song we came across that is befitting for the season is “Prayer in the C” a collaboration between French duo Lilly Wood & The Prick and German DJ/Record label owner Robyn Schulz. Its a…