Carrie Underwood : The Champion featuring Ludacris

Just incase you haven’t heard it yet…Country music darling, Carrie Underwood has gone Pop in her latest single, not just country pop, like full on pop (with the exception on her signature twang).

Iggy Azalea : Azillion

Iggy Azalea has released a new track called Azillion via soundcloud and declared January as Igguary, a blessed month for her azalean fans.

Travie McCoy : Golden featuring Sia

Travie McCoy has released his new single Golden from his long awaited sophomore album due out later this year. What’s the best part of the track you might ask? Australia’s fabulously eccentric Sia gives the track a boost of commercial viability and more importantly, veers the track away from sounding just like most of McCoy’s generic sounding past singles. Don’t fear, baby cause…

I AM D : Girls In The City

Welcome the future of Australian Hip-Hop music. Brisbane based rapper I AM D embodies everything that has been lacking in the Australian urban music scene for quite some time – great material, authenticity, incredible delivery and major cross-over commercial appeal. The talented young rapper has just dropped a track that is bound to command attention and signal a warning to…