Mariah Carey : Underneath the Stars

Mariah Carey has often spoken about the lost music video of her axed Daydream era single Underneath the Stars. After Ms Carey dug deep into the vaults, the wait and search is finally over! As part of her MC30 celebration for 3 strong decades in the business, Mariah releases the long lost music video filmed…

Lana Del Rey : Love

If you’re an old schooler it’s the first letter or phone call, if you’re part of today’s globalised youth then it’s the first FB/Instagram/Text/Snapchat message from your sweetheart. Then comes the first date, first kiss, then the oh-so-sweet I love you’s under the summer sky as the breeze whispers promises. Ugh! teenage Heaven is bliss as F….

Ruelle : I Get To Love You

Looking for the most romantic song of the week? The perfect wedding song hardly anyone has heard of? Look no further. If The Notebook was to have a theme song, it would be this one. Introducing Ruelle and her super-romantic song I Get To Love You which is tailored made for the wedding of your dreams….

One Direction : Night Changes

Nostalgic Romance is in the air as One Direction‘s Night Changes is serviced to radio stations as their new single going into the Holiday Season. 1D’s follow-up single to Steal My Girl sees the boys turn the lights down low and turn into romantic story-tellers, as they croon about how things can change oh-so very quickly. One moment everything’s perfect…