Balmain SS16 featuring Cindy, Claudia & Naomi

The brilliant Olivier RousteingΒ introduces a “new chapter for Balmain” by enlisting three of the greats to join his formidableΒ #BalmainArmy and front the fashion house’s Spring campaign.

Rihanna : Vogue

Rihanna‘s studio version of Madonna‘s classic track Vogue has surfaced online. To the die-hard Madonna fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief…the recording is not a full blast revival single. Let’s face it, any artist would be damn crazy to even think of doing such a recording. This song is just plain untouchable. The…

Gemma Ward For Vogue Australia by Emma Summerton

And so the successful return of Gemma Ward into the Fashion World continues. Featured as the Covergirl for Vogue Australia‘s 55th Year Anniversary, it’s not hard to see why Gemma has been welcomed back so very generously.